Ranch History








Ranch History

The Margo Ranch has been with the Margo family since 1897 when my grandfather, the late Ruperto E. Margo, acquired vast land holding in Starr County, Texas. 

     At the young age of seventeen, my Dad, the late Raymundo T. Margo, was sent to his Dad's (Ruperto) ranch (Rancho Las Comitas) to recuperate from the great influenza that was plaguing the area. 

     In no time after his recovery Dad found his niche.   Raising cattle, and work horses and the improvement of land for the purposes of grass production became his goals.

     He purchased land from two of his brothers, a sister and from adjacent neighbors to form the 7,129 acre ranch.

     He raised Hereford cattle, but soon realized that crossing them with Brahma bulls would give him the hybrid vigor he sought.  Shorthorn bulls were also used in the mixture of the bloodlines.

     Mr. Tom Laseter of Matheson, Colorado developed the Beefmaster breed by making a three-way cross of Brahma (1/2), Hereford (1/4), and Shorthorn (1/4).   This was accomplished while he was still living in Falfurrias, Texas.  His intention was to produce a breed of cattle with the six essentials:

The 6 Essentials

  • Disposition
  • Fertility
  • Weight
  • Conformation
  • Hardiness
  • Milk Production

     In 1961 Dad purchased 9 registered, bred heifers from Mr. Laseter to begin his Margo Beefmaster herd.  For many years Dad bought herd sires from Mr. Laseter which he used to develop his own herd.   Notwithstanding that Dad had the Brahma, Hereford and Shorthorn cross in his own herd, it did not take too many years to produce and develop the Beefmaster Breed.

     In 1961 Dad joined Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) until 1970, when Foundation Beefmaster Association (FBA) was organized by Mr. Laseter.  A merger between BBU and FBA was then enacted in December 31, 1995.  The new BBU is now moving forward with all Beefmaster breeders united for the betterment of the breed.

     In 1968 Dad encouraged  me to come home after my military duty.  He asked me to work for him and suggested I begin my veterinary practice in Rio Grande City. I obliged. I served as managing partner for Rancho Margo from 1968 to 1995, when Rancho Margo was divided among the R.T. Margo family.    I have continued Dad's commitment to raising quality Beefmaster Cattle in what today we call Margo Ranch.